Arthur's seat

I first read about Arthur's seat in David Nicholls's novel One Day, when the two main characters hiked up to watch the sunrise after their graduation. The prospect of seeing cities from high vantage points has always enchanted me - so clambering up this hill was definitely on the to-do list when I visited Edinburgh in May 2015.

It's the highest point of Holyrood Park - this vast landscape of rolling greenery. You can get there via bus to Holyrood Palace east end Royale Mile, and it's a free entry. There are several routes to get to the top - all colour coded, and you can find their explanations on this website: Arthur's Seat Route You're free to take whichever route you want - the steeper way, or the slower and more picturesque walk hehe. I believe we took the Blue route.

And boy! Was it a climb! Hahaha. I really didn't think it would be too hard, but some parts are quite steep - with no railings! We went on a beautiful sunny day, even though the wind was extremely strong - and at certain parts, got me a bit worried that we would be blown away over the edge hehe. The views throughout the climb is definitely one for the books. 

Told you no railings! 

Beautiful Edinburgh

We took a lot of breaks along the way to do cool, chill totally casual stuff like this hehe. Kidding. We fed some birds and admired some views and sang Hindustani songs on top of hills. The most memorable trips are always made with the goofiest company. Hahaha. 

You can see the sea!

This is actually Arthur's seat. The topmost peak of Holyrood Park. There are several hills within the area and you can chill at any one of them, really :)

Battling the gusts at one of the peaks! I love high views :D

There are several clips of the climb on


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